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The Elves of Niles 

This is a new series on the Elves of Niles -- the various folks who unselfishly and often behind the scenes make Niles a great place.  Elves range from the obvious ones such as those who can be found near the Mudpuddle and museum to those who make graffiti go away, but they can also include the shop keeper who closes their store in order to drive a visitor to the train of lights ticket booth.   The criterion is only that of kind contribution.

To make it easier, I've created a special email address just for this hopefully ongoing activity -- So, please send to emails with the name of the elf and with a synopsis of what they do that is elfish.


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Nicki Bouton
 Nicki Bouton rallied Niles troops to raise money to help families all around Niles and Fremont as a whole. Her efforts in Niles and at her work at Cisco raised the necessary funds and then some for the City of Fremont Human Services Department year-end program aiding those less fortunate. She has also made sure the past few years that there's been a
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Posted – 04/02/09 10:44pm by Lynn Slater
Frank Williamson
 Don't we have a lovely flagpole and doesn't the flag always look great? It just takes care of itself, right?
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Posted – 04/02/09 10:43pm by Lynn Slater
Izzy from Joe's Corner
This week's Elf of the Week is Izzy from Joe's Corner. She donates about 40 hours a week as head chef in the kitchen side of their operation with a bouncy always cheery spirit that makes all feel welcome. She is just trying to help out – a real elf.
Posted – 03/12/09 4:12pm by Lynn Slater
Elf of the Week: Barry Jennings

Do you ever appreciate those banners around town? I sure do, and Barry Jennings is the one most responsible for the putting up and taking down all the banners in town and he also does paint donations and organizing banner painting events at Niles School to get people to paint banners for the different holiday/seasonal banners.

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Posted – 03/03/09 11:21pm by Lynn Slater
Elf of the Week: Sam at Mr Mikey's

This weeks Elf of the Week is Sam at Mr Mikey's.   Besides obvious things like the use of their parking lot for blood drives and fair organizers, I am always hearing of small nice things they do (I wish I had written them all down.)

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Posted – 03/03/09 10:50pm by Lynn Slater
Elf of the week: Mike Dubinsky

Mike has revitalized the neighborhood watch program on his block, holding block meetings with special guests, distributing block alerts and other news, and distributing contact maps.   He is a regular participant in Dumbarton rail project meetings and helps keep us informed via a Dumbarton Rail project page on the web site. Mike also works to get more of us CERT ready.  

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Posted – 02/16/09 9:05pm by Lynn Slater
Elf of the week: Rena Dein

Rena is a workhorse around the Essanay Silent Film Museum taking care of their publicity, merchandise ordering, newsletters, and making special events such as Vintage Dress Dances, Pre-code Follies, and concerts happen.

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Posted – 02/07/09 11:50pm by Lynn Slater
Elf of the Week: Noa Kanetchmer
Noa can be found selling sodas and candy and making popcorn nearly every Saturday night at the Essanay Silent Film Museum. What started as fulfillment of school community service hours became an ongoing dedication to service. She is a great example of one of the many elves around town who unobtrusively make things better. Thank you Noa.
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Posted – 02/05/09 6:59pm by Lynn Slater
Elf of the Week: Catherine B Stuart of Nibble and Sip
I observed Catherine do something particularly elfish. It was the last week of the train of lights and all trains were sold out long before. A visitor was inquiring about the possibility of getting tickets for her and 5 others. We all knew that this very likely was not going to be possible. The visitor was also confused about how to get to the ticket station and did not seem to be understanding any of the explanations. In response, Catherine closed her store while she drove the visitor to the ticket booth. Even though Catherine knew that the visitor would almost certainly not get the tickets, she still none the less brightened that visitor's day at the expense of her own business. That is selfless kindness and in so doing Catherine showed her elfness.
Posted – 02/05/09 6:58pm by Lynn Slater
Elf of the Week -- Nancy Haylock

Several people I consider to be true elves suggested this weeks elf -- Nancy Haylock
"Nancy is a busy bee helping all around Niles"

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Posted – 02/05/09 6:58pm by Lynn Slater
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