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Capital Rail Corridor Oakland to San Jose
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Capital Corridor - Oakland to San Jose

The following excerpt from a Rail Initiative publication described the Capitol Corridor Project from an government official standpoint.

Purpose:   The Capitol Corridor is an intercity passenger train system that provides a convenient alternative to traveling along the congested Interstate 80 (I-80), I-680, and I-880 freeways by operating fast, reliable, and affordable intercity rail service to 16 stations in seven northern California counties: Placer, Sacramento,Yolo, Solano, Contra Costa, Alameda, San Francisco, and Santa Clara. The Capitol Corridor Joint Powers Authority (CCJPA) manages the Capitol Corridor service. The CCJPA Board of Directors recognized the importance of the Proposed Project as a regionally significant transportation project by passing Resolution 03-2, “Participation in the Union City Intermodal Rail Station and Shinn Connection Project Planning and Development” in support of the Proposed Project. Under the terms of operating agreements with the UPRR, the CCJPA or UPRR can increase or decrease train service in the area of the Proposed Project. The Capitol Corridor intercity rail service currently operates 14 trains per day (seven in the morning and seven in the evening) through the project area on the Niles Subdivision. CCJPA plans to increase the frequency of service to 22 trains per day (11 in each directions) by 2011 independent of the Dumbarton Rail Project


Capitol Corridor Route Looking South fm UC through Niles
Capitol Corridor Planned Route S fm UC to Niles0001.jpg

CC Route South through Niles

Latest News
Capitol Corridor Final FY 11-13 Business Plan Includes Fremont Track Upgrades & DRC
The CC final FY 11-13 Business Plan dated March 2011 includes several key elements which will impact Fremont/Niles. IN addition the CC continues to speak to its links with the mouribund Dumbarton Rail Corridor Project. The Business Plan can be found at : http://www.capitolcorridor.org/included/docs/business_plans/11_13_Business_Plan.pdf 
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Capitol Corridor Draft Program Environmental Assessment Comment- Deadline closed on 29 Oct
The Capitol Corridor Joint Powers Authority has prepared a draft Program Environmental Assessment that is meant to support their submission to the Federal Railroad Administration (FRA) for funding to pursue 11 rail projects in Northern California.  Among the 11 projects are 4 which impact Fremont and are designed to support increasing the number of commuter trains between Oakland and San Jose. Some of the proposed project work is a repeat of the 2005 Union City Intermodal Station project and was supposed to be integrally linked to the Dumbarton Rail Corridor Project. That project, which has not yet progressed beyond discussion, is being followed on a separate page on this website.
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Articles and Background Materials
Capitol Corridor Home Page

To view the CC FY 11-12 Business Plan click on CCJPA and then Search for Business Plan. It discusses the Oakland to San Jose initiative as well as Dumbarton Rail.

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Dumbarton Rail Home Page


Metropolitan Transportation Commissions Regional Rail Plan


Union City Intermodal Station
21st Century Urban Solutions Homepage

Article indicating that the Capitol Corridor project funding has been placed behind that  High Speed Rail Project.

California State Rail Plan
Altamont Corridor Documents

Describes the Altamont Rail Corridor Project (Part of the CA High Speed Rail initiative) and lists the background documents available.

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Background Materials
Capitol Corridor Presentation Slides from 18 Dec 2009

Power Point Slides used to describe the ROW acquisition for the Capitol Corridor expanded service through Fremont on to San Jose.

Capitol Corridor Status Report on ROW Negotiations with UPRR for Oakland Subdivision

This is the narrative report given by the Capitol Corridor representative on acquisition of the Oakland Subdivision ROW in order to increase the rail service from Oakland to San Jose.  The ROW is the rail line that runs parallel to the BART tracks thru Niles.

CC Draft Program Environmental Assessment Aug 2010

I would download this first before attempting to open!

MDubinsky 28 Oct Comment Letter

FYI  - The letter I submitted on the Capitol Corridor Service Expansion Program Environmental Assessment.

Meeting Notes - 26 Oct 2010 CCSEPEA Public Meeting (2 prior versions)

Unofficial Meeting Notes from the 26 Oct 2010 public meeting about the Capitol Corridor Service Enhancement Program Environmental Assessment.

Oct 26 Presentation on CC Service Expansion Program EA (2 prior versions)

The PP slide deck used by CCJPA staff to present their service expansion program on 26 Oct during a public meeting.

Route of the Capitol Corridor through Niles

Excerpt from the Union City Intermodal Station EIR depicting the rail route through Hayward-Union City-Niles

Shinn Connection in Riverwalk/Fremont - Artist's depiction

This artists depiction of the rail connection that will allow CC trains to turn onto the Centerville line from the Oakland Subdivision line which parallels the BART Line in Niles

WHITEPAPER - Capitol Corridor Oakland to San Jose (1 prior versions)

This Whitepaper was prepared using available on line materails and from discussions with transportation officials familiar with the Capitol Corridor's initiative to increase rail passenger service from Oakland to San Jose.  It has not however been peer reviewed by any official of the CC Project and is represented to be the work product of the author.




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Is there a need for the Increased Capitol Corridor Service?
One aspect of the proposed increase in Rail service from Oakland to San Jose that raises a question is the BART extension of service into Santa Clara and ultimately to San Jose.   If as is planned, the Capitol Corridor will eventually stop at the Union City Intermodal Station, why wouldn't passengers just transfor the BART there for the trip to San Jose and any connections, e.g.high speed rail, that are planned there?
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Posted – 11/09/09 2:01pm by Mike Dubinsky, updated or replied 11/09/09 2:05pm

Impact on Niles
Impacts on the Niles Neighborhoods
The impacts on Niles include increased train traffic, significant change in the alignment of train traffic, noise, vibration, air pollution, traffic impacts at at-grade crossings to name a few.  For example according to the Project Study Report the number of trains that use the Oakland Subdivision trackage which runs behind the Hacienda Gardens and Rancho Arroyo neighborhoods would increase from approx 6 to 250 trains / week. These would all be pasenger trains. For the Niles Subdivision trackage which runs close to Mission Blvd. and across Nursary Ave. the number of trains would decrease from 92 to 61 trains / week however they would all be freight.  While not specifically in Niles the number of trains using the Centerville trackage through central Fremont would increase from 118 to 257 trains / week.
Posted – 02/08/08 11:38am by Mike Dubinsky, updated or replied 10/30/09 2:26pm

Impact on Fremont
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